2nd October / 9.00 pm / Maddalena Theater

3rd October / 9.00 pm / Maddalena Theater

4th October / 9.00 pm / Maddalena Theater

Admission € 10 full / € 8 reduced



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Choreography and dance: Marta Bevilacqua (Italy)


Musical manipulation: Walter Sguazzin

Light design: Daniela Bestetti

Technical support: Stefano Bragagnolo

Stage elements: Ilaria Bomben


Production: Compagnia Arearea

Co-production: Hangartfest 2020

With the support of: MIBACT, Regione FVG


Duration: 50 minutes


Already in the fourth century BC, Aristotle had noticed the absence of swallows in winter and their return in spring. Despite the sagacity in his Historia animalum, he never managed to solve the mystery. (and to be honest, he never came close to it).

At the time, the most common belief was that birds flew to the moon, only to return to Earth in the spring. Or that by alighting among the branches of the trees in autumn, when the leaves fall, they shed their feathers and become branches.

The origin of migrations is lost in the mists of time.

Many migrants travel alone or in small groups.

Controlled by the changing of the seasons and by the length of the hours of light and thanks to hormonal stimuli, migrants know when it's time to leave. But they also know how to get there.

Birds, unlike us, leave when they have to leave and return when it's time to return.

We all have a home inside us, intimate, and it's in a different place for everyone. Everyone, like a magnetic force, is attracted to a place of his own, has this call within and doesn't even know what it is exactly. It can coincide with the place where you are born, but it is not necessarily the case, it is not always the case.




on October 3, at 11:00

the dance critic Silvia Poletti meets Marta Bevilacqua


reservation required




Choreographer and dancer collaborates with the directors Ricci / Forte as company coach for La Ramificazione del Louse (2016) and signs the scenic movements of the opera Turandot which opens the season of the Sferisterio - Macerata Opera Festival (2017), La Mano Felice , The Castle of Prince Bluebeard: diptych for the Teatro Massimo in Palermo (2018), Nabucco for the Verdi Festival at the Teatro Regio in Parma (2019). She is artistic co-director of the Compagnia Arearea, which she has been collaborating with since 1998. She trained at the Isola Danza Academy in Venice directed by Carolyn Carlson (2001). His choreographic trait is characterized by the combination of gestural research and thematic needs. His creations are nourished by philosophical references expressed in a contemporary and authoral key. Among his most awarded choreographies Nec Nec (Network Anticorpi Explò - Ravenna), Organon_sull'ingombranza del thought (Equilibrium Award - Rome), Innesti_il corpo tecnico (Danza Estate - Bergamo), Ruedis_ruote di confine (Mittelfest - Cividale del Friuli). Her international creations are: Dafne_per una urban mythology Lieux Publics (Marseille 2011), is invited to the Writing site by site (Graz) project, an international platform IN-SITU for which she created Panta Rei_per una philosophy urban (2012), co-produced from the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale (Turin). His project Oltre La Luna (2012), was produced by Dance Channels, a European platform to support new choreographers (Saragoza, Manchester, Genoa). His latest productions include: Schnurrbart_Fritz according to Lou, Play With Me, Le Quattro Stagioni (selected for Nid Platform 2017), Morfeo (Network Anticorpi XL - CollaboraAction Kids 2018. For the three-year period 2018/2020, his research is supported by the Festival for the new contemporary scene Hangartfest (Pesaro). He danced as interpreter for Adarte, Aldes, Balletto Civile, Ersilia Danza, Naturalis Labor, TPO, CSS Permanent theater of innovation, Versilia Danza. Ductility and fascination for risk, make it involved in educational and social projects that sink into everyday reality. She teaches contemporary dance in higher education centers such as the Academy of Dramatic Art "Nico Pepe" in Udine, the Academy of Diversity in Bolzano, Lo Studio University of Udine and tutor in the Performance section of the Master in Communication and Non-Verbal Languages ​​- Ca 'Foscari University of Venice.




Resident choreographers

Three-year period 2018-2020

Artistic residences in TE.MA

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Young Up!

Audience development


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