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3rd September / 6.00 pm / Palazzo Mazzolari-Mosca

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World premiere


Choreography: Melissa Ugolini (Italy)

Interpreters: Melissa Ugolini, Jacopo Mariotti (Italy)

Original music: Jacopo Mariotti



"101" wants to open a window on those unexpected moments, those sparks of lucidity in which we remain alone with ourselves for a moment, sinking even deeper, in search of hidden truths. They are moments of absolute solitude in which we really get close to the essence of things, then discovering that in this we are not alone at all.


Thanks to: Atelier Danza Hangart and Alessandro Rossini


Duration: 15 minutes




Born in Pesaro, she began her professional training in Florence at the International Choreutic Academy under the direction of Elisabetta Hertel. In 2008 he moved to the UK to complete his training in Contemporary Dance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating in 2011 with a First Bachelor in Performing Arts, receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award. He works with numerous international choreographers and companies including Akram Khan, Andonis Foniadakis, Aakash Odedra, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Barak Marshall, İtzik Galili, İhsan Rüstem, Bruno Caverna, Companhia Instàvel, LamatDance Company and James Wilton Dance Company.
From 2013 to 2017 she danced as a soloist for the Modern Dans Topluğu Istanbul, at the Ballet and Opera of

State of Turkey. In 2012 she participated in the London Olympic Games dancing with the Akram Khan Company for the opening ceremony of the Games. She is currently engaged in the new Touch creation by Falk Richter and Anouk Van Dijk at the Münchner Kammerspiele theater in Munich (Germany). Melissa is also a permanent member of the Aakash Odedra Company (UK) and of the Cie 7273 company (Switzerland) and is regularly invited to conduct workshops in Italy and abroad.



Classically trained eclectic musician. Graduated with full marks at the "A. Peri" of Reggio Emilia, he perfected himself in Germany, Holland and France with great internationally renowned soloists. At the same time, he undertook his jazz studies with Tim Klipuis and Stephan Braun, with whom he attended the Rutesheim Cello Akademy in Jazz cello for two years. He has collaborated with various orchestras throughout Italy and has been a member of the Rossini Symphony Orchestra for about a decade, with which he carries out an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad. At the moment he collaborates in different formations ranging from pop to jazz, electronic music and traditional popular music.





3rd September / 6.45 pm / San Giovanni Library Garden

Single ticket € 3


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Pre-sale starts: 25th August


Regional premiere


Choreography and dance: Luca Campanella

Music: Walter Wattabass Sguazzin

Costumes and Scenography: Debora Gambino


Photo: Ale Rizzi

Production: Compagnia Arearea

Thanks to: Belinda De Vito, Maria Rosa Rossetto, Amabile Panigutti

Duration: 25 minutes


The river flows and cannot do otherwise, driven by its own water soul.

Mutable soul, never equal to itself that whirls around what it encounters, clings to us with its own weight and drags it.

This is the way man's life is: objects, knowledge, memories are certainties in order not to go crazy in the constant flow of life; you can hold on to catch your breath and say: "I am the one who has all this with him".

The more the experiences have been intense, perhaps painful, the more heavily they anchor themselves to the bottom.

The accumulation of deposits will cause the river to overflow: a violent event, but perhaps less frightening, and therefore more acceptable, than the mystery that awaits at its mouth: dissolving in a water similar to itself but different in its external form.


The remains are testimony of life that has changed its appearance; the abandoned garment reminds us that in the end, necessarily, ours will also be left.



He deals with theater and dance, which accompanies research on somatic disciplines. He is teacher in training of the FELDENKRAIS METHOD (AIIMF; Euro-TAB.) He has worked as an educator in various fields at the CEMEA DEL PIEMONTE. He has taught research on movement at TEATRANZA ARTEDRAMA in Moncalieri and CRUT in Turin. He supervised the physical training for the actors of the show "LA COMEDIA DELLA MADIA" directed by Mauro Piombo (show invited to the Avignon Festival - France). He taught gestural technique at the PERMANENT LABORATORY ON THE COMEDIA DELL'ARTE ”of TEATRO DEL FRIZZO and SANTIBRIGANTI TEATRO.

He began his training in Turin at the laboratory theater directed by Mauro Piombo, where he studied physical and popular theater according to a pedagogy of the Lecoqian matrix, with particular attention to the Commedia dell'Arte (which he later deepened with Claudia Contin and Ferruccio Merisi) . He studies prose theater at the TANGRAM TEATRO (Ivana Ferri, Bruno Maria Ferraro) and Graham Dance with Irene Klingler. He continues his theatrical preparation with great masters such as Zygmunt Molik, Alain Maratrat Mamadou Dioume, Petru Vutcareu, Judith Malina. He was selected in Venice for the ACADEMY ISOLA DANZA directed by Carolyn Carlson where in two years he studied contemporary dance, improvisation and choreography with: Carolyn Carlson, Simona Bucci, Jean Cebron, Joan Woodbury, Frey Faust, Bill T. Jones Franco Mescola (Tai chi), Larrio Ekson, Will Swanson, Malou Airaudo, Caroline Marcade 'Jennifer Muller, Antonio Carallo, Susan Sentler, Janet Panetta, Nigel Charnock, Ivan Wolfe John Boswell, Patrick King, Pedro Pauwells, Caterina Sagna, Henry Smith, John Davis Agnes Dravet, Caroline Marcadé, Michele Abbondanza, Antonella Bertoni, Ivan Wolfe Betty Jones, Fritz Ludin, Silvia Traversi. He is selected for the LABAN CENTER OF LONDON where he practices: ballet, contemporary dance (Release, Graham, Cunningham, Limon), choreography improvisation, Pilates, experiential anatomy, Laban notation and analysis, history of dance. Teachers: Kirsty Alexander, Colin Bourne, Gill Clarke, Melanie Clarke, Marina Collard Peter Curtis, Amanda Gough, Martin Gurnett, Janet Kaylo, Val Rimmer, Susan Sentler. He studies different somatic methodologies of work on movement: LABAN / BARTENIEFF with Janet Kaylo (LIMS) (London), PILATES with Peter Curtis (London) and with Nora Pernjves (Florence), ALEXANDER with Robert Bozarth (STAT) (Florence), COURSE OF TRAINING FOR TEACHERS OF THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD (AIIMF; Euro-TAB.) Educational Director: Dr. Frank Wildman Teachers: F. Wildman, B. Glazer, M. Spire, S. Rosenholtz, B. Walterspiel, R. Alon, L. Goldfarb Mara Fusero. He also studied with: Eilat Almagor, Anat Krivine, Anna Maria Caponecchi, Francesco Ambrosio.




DaFNE_per una mitologia urbana

Regional premiere


Choreography: Marta Bevilacqua

Dance: Luisa Amprimo
Music: Gluck, Nima Ben David

Technical supervision: Fausto Bonvini
Production: ARTU Association (GE), Euroregional Project for Common Places and Arearea Company 2012
Duration: 20 minutes


The myth of Daphne and Apollo tells of an unrequited love and the escape of a nymph from the desire of a god.
Dafne for an urban mythology is halfway between the sculptural installation and the choreographic performance, two languages ​​that give life to an ancient history through the color, the gesture and the power of nature.

Daphne is transformed into a laurel tree and it is there that we find her linked to her eternal condemnation.
Daphne is a glimpse, an unexpected, a contemporary foray into myth.


“You don't know, impudent, you don't know
who runs away, and for this you run away. "

"Run slower, please,

slow down your flight and I too will chase you more slowly ”.
With no more strength, won by the fatigue of that race
in agony, Daphne turns to the currents of the Peneus:
"Help me, father," he says. "If you rivers have any power,

dissolve, changing them, these features of mine. "
Then a deep numbness pervades his limbs,
the soft chest is wrapped in fine fibers,
hair stretches out in branches, arms in branches;
feet, once so swift, are nailed to lazy roots,
the face vanishes into a mane.


Ovid, Metamorphosis


Dafne for an urban mythology was born thanks to LUOGHI COMUNI - Euroregional project of contemporary dance in the public space Places Comuni.

The COMMON PLACES project brings together: Lieux Publics (Marseille), Les Hivernales (Avignon), Les Ateliers Frappaz (Villeurbanne), the national choreographic center of Maguy Marin (Rillieux la Pape), the Teatro a Corte festival, the Interplay Festival, the Cera l'Acca Association (Turin), the ARTU Association (Genoa).



Choreographer and dancer collaborates with the directors Ricci / Forte as company coach for La Ramificazione del Louse (2016) and signs the scenic movements of the opera Turandot which opens the season of the Sferisterio - Macerata Opera Festival (2017), La Mano Felice , The Castle of Prince Bluebeard: diptych for the Teatro Massimo in Palermo (2018), Nabucco for the Verdi Festival at the Teatro Regio in Parma (2019). She is artistic co-director of the Compagnia Arearea, which she has been collaborating with since 1998. She trained at the Isola Danza Academy in Venice directed by Carolyn Carlson (2001). His choreographic trait is characterized by the combination of gestural research and thematic needs. His creations are nourished by philosophical references expressed in a contemporary and authoral key. Among his most awarded choreographies Nec Nec (Network Anticorpi Explò - Ravenna), Organon_sull'ingombranza del thought (Equilibrium Award - Rome), Innesti_il corpo tecnico (Danza Estate - Bergamo), Ruedis_ruote di confine (Mittelfest - Cividale del Friuli). Her international creations are: Dafne_per una urban mythology Lieux Publics (Marseille 2011), is invited to the Writing site by site (Graz) project, an international platform IN-SITU for which she created Panta Rei_per una philosophy urban (2012), co-produced from the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale (Turin). His project Oltre La Luna (2012), was produced by Dance Channels, a European platform to support new choreographers (Saragoza, Manchester, Genoa). His latest productions include: Schnurrbart_Fritz according to Lou, Play With Me, Le Quattro Stagioni (selected for Nid Platform 2017), Morfeo (Network Anticorpi XL - CollaboraAction Kids 2018. For the three-year period 2018/2020, his research is supported by the Festival for the new contemporary scene Hangartfest (Pesaro). He danced as interpreter for Adarte, Aldes, Balletto Civile, Ersilia Danza, Naturalis Labor, TPO, CSS Permanent theater of innovation, Versilia Danza. Ductility and fascination for risk, make it involved in educational and social projects that sink into everyday reality. She teaches contemporary dance in higher education centers such as the Academy of Dramatic Art "Nico Pepe" in Udine, the Academy of Diversity in Bolzano, Lo Studio University of Udine and tutor in the Performance section of the Master in Communication and Non-Verbal Languages ​​- Cà'̀ Foscari University of Venice.




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