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5th September / 9.00 pm / Maddalena Theater

6th September / 9.00 pm / Maddalena Theater

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a BRIDGE / in case you will forget

World premiere


Concept, choreography and dance: Ottavia Catenacci (Italy / Denmark)

Original music: Eliza Bozek (Poland / Denmark)



Supported and welcomed in residence by HANGARTFEST as part of FUTURA SCENA , the winning project of the REFRESH! The show of the Marche for the new generations promoted by the CMS Consorzio Marche Spettacolo

Proartis coproduction, in collaboration with Teatro Aenigma


A Bridge / in case you will forget is a project born from the suggestion of a story and the desire to convey a story, without telling it. He does not use a narrative strategy in evoking memories, but relies on the intuition arising from the images. Moments and memories follow one another and intertwine with movement, soundscape, elements of the scene. My grandfather would synthesize his personal story in his work (security officer at Bouri Field, the largest oil extraction platform in the Mediterranean) using a technical and notional narrative with passion. Our dialogues are characterized by its increasingly overwhelming deafness, caused by the loud noises it has been subjected to in years of work, for this reason communicative dynamics have been created that have been used in the choreographic strategy: articulate, slow down and repeat.

I have collected stories, collected photographs and memories. From these I created a text that put on paper - confusingly - the intentions of the performance. From the written words the movements and sounds were born, composed especially for this piece by Eliza Bozek (PL / DK). It was a process of translation from the story, to the written images, to the performance. The fragmentation of static memories is intertwined with the reliving of sequences of past memories which, through a fluid and changeable movement, become present again. A Bridge / in case you will foget is a collection / transmission of cherished memories, filtered by different people, generations and languages.



Choreographer and dancer from Sant'Angelo in Vado, born in 1995, active both in Italy and in Northern Europe. He trained in contemporary dance at the School of the Ballet of Tuscany and deepened his study with artists such as Giorgio Rossi, Raffaella Giordano and Virgilio Sieni. Collaborate with Amalgamate Dance Company (NY). He studies visual arts at the Vilnius Art Academy where he creates the only Glory was at the fingertips which he presents in 2019 at the Showcase of the young author's dance in Ravenna. In the same year he graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. He is currently studying at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.


Duration: 15 minutes





Italian premiere


Danae & Dionysios (Greece)


Choreography and dance: Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos

Music: Constantine Skourlis

Costumes: Vaya Nikolakopoulou

Lights: Panagiotis Manousis


Winners of the Hannover International Choreography Award in 2019


“The shadow of the night. The teeth in the dark. Invisible, silent she falls to earth, chasing the blue sheep that descend the mountain. The sound of the bell takes you to the top of the mountain, where you can see elephants in the sky playing with each other. As they dip their trunks into the river, the sky fills with water. Falling from afar it turns into snow, changing the color of the sky from blue to gray. Invisible, silent they fall to the ground chasing the blue sheep that come down the mountain ”.


This ATMA extract is inspired by the word metamorphosis and the image of a mutable creature. By studying the characteristics of the snow leopard, we became interested in the cold atmosphere in which this animal lives, its rarity and the fact that it is almost impossible to see it.


Duration: 10 minutes


Before joining to develop their choreographic research, Danae Dimitriadi and Nionysios Alamanos study at the National School of Dance in Greece and dance in the Hellenic Dance Company, founded in 2000 as a trait d'union between the international scene and young Greek talents. With this company they dance in choreography by Martha Graham, Pascal Rioult, Anton Lachky, Jasmin Vardimon. Their works reflect on the possibility of reconsidering existence in connection with nature and life on our planet, of re-examining the priorities of our life in order to create new lifeblood and space for everyone to live in perfect balance and harmony with it. that surrounds us.






Italian premiere


Vera Kvarcakova (Czech Republic / Germany), Jeremy Galdeano (France / Canada)


Choreography and dance: Vera Kvarcakova and Jeremy Galdeano

Music: Ezio Bosso

Lights: Marc Parent


Winners of the Hannover International Choreography Award in 2020


Doma (meaning "house" in the Czech language) is a duet based on ideas and thoughts about what the house represents for an individual. Doma is a place where you live permanently. It is an environment that offers you safety and happiness. Doma is being with people who can drive you crazy a moment before and make you feel like you've won a million dollars a moment later. It is known that no matter the difficult times, someone is there for you. The place of the feeling of belonging.


Duration: 5 minutes


Vera and Jeremy started choreographing together after being partners for years in the company Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in Montreal. For them, working together has the great advantage of integrating ideas, starting from a distinct perspective and aiming for the same goal in terms of aesthetics, ideas and musicality.

DOMA, which was originally created for the Grands Ballets Canadiens choreography workshop, was included in the Company's main repertoire in 2019. It was presented at Carte Blanche DAC 2019 in Montreal and was selected for the Noverre Young Choreographers Evening 2020 in Stuttgart Ballet and also at the final of the Hannover 2020 International Choreography Award. Doma's short film was awarded with the title Winner Best Dance Video at Rio WebFest 2019 and Gold Winner as Best Short dance at Queen Palm International Film Festival 2020.

They also created SOLO POUR TROIS for the Grands Ballet Canadiens Gala and before work was stopped around the world they were finalizing FOMO, their latest creation in Montreal.



VERA KVARCAKOVA (Czech Republic / Germany)

Born in Ostrava, Czech Republic and after graduating from the Janacek National Conservatory, she danced with the National Ballet in Brno, the National Opera Ballet of the Rhine and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Since September 2019 he has been a soloist at the Mannheim National Theater. He danced in the classical and contemporary repertoire with Ohad Naharin, Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Marco Goecke, Johan Inger, Jean Christophe Maillot, Uwe Scholz, Cayetano Soto, Stephan Thoss, Shen Wei, Edward Clug, Etenga Bechard, Christian Spuck, Anabelle Lopez Ochoa, Cathy Martson, Douglas Lee, Felix Landerer, among many others. She is also a yoga teacher and is certified dance therapy by Cirque du Soleil and the National Center for Dance Therapy and in Parkinson en mouvement.



JEREMY GALDEANO (France / Canada)

Born in Nîmes, France, he graduated from the Marseille School of Dance and danced with the Marseille National Ballet before joining the Grands Ballets Canadiens in 2001, where he stayed for 17 years and became the lead soloist. His repertoire includes several works by Mats Ek, Jiri Kylian, Ohad Naharin, Didy Veldman, Christian Spuck, Jean Christophe Maillot, Shen Wei, Stephan Thoss, Nacho Duato, Stijn Celis, Anabelle Lopez Ochoa, Garreth Smith, Edward Clug, George Balanchine , Kenneth Macmillan, Christopher Wheeldon, Etienne Bechard and many others. He has created several pieces for the Company's choreographic workshops. His choreographies have been performed in Canada, Germany and Mexico.






Anna Giustina


This project is placed between contemporary dance and analytical philosophy. Its ambition is to explore the interplay between self-experience, self-knowledge, self-shaping and self-communication along three main axes. First, I alone can know what it feels like to be me. Second, knowing it shapes who I am. Third, can others understand, at least partially, what it feels like to be me?


How to explain physical pain to someone who has never experienced it? Certainly not by telling him that it is "painful": so he will not understand. You will have to give up explaining it in words: much better a good blow in the shin! You can only know what it feels like to feel pain if you experience it firsthand.

This applies to all types of experience. Taste sushi, have an orgasm, go bungee jumping. But also having a child, losing a loved one, being raped, being black. If you don't experience it, you can't know what it feels like. I can't explain it to you in words. Only I can know what it feels like to be me.

As LA Paul explains, the change in the epistemic position due to a new experience produces a transformation of oneself. After having a child, or after being raped, you are no longer the same person and this is partly because of what you learn from such experiences. Learning what it feels like to a certain experience changes your self and defines or redefines who you are.

Could others ever understand what it feels like to be me? If I can't communicate it, how will they know? Even if the epistemic void cannot be completely filled, perhaps it can be partially filled. Perhaps the imagination can help, as Amy Kind suggests. Maybe art can help. Maybe dance can help - let's give it a chance.

Duration: 20 minutes


Project funded by the Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin (Fellowship 2019).

With the support and hospitality of Compagnie Les Pieds Nus (Brest), Le Quartz (Brest), Espace Vauban (Brest), Compagnia Arearea (Udine).

Music: Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Puccini, Calexico.



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Three-year period 2018-2020

Artistic residences in TE.MA

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