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The Maddalena Theater is entrusted by the owner of the Municipality of Pesaro to the care of the Hangartfest Association, which elects it as the operational headquarters of the homonymous festival recognized by MIBACT and which uses it as a priority for carrying out the activities that it promotes together with its partners. 


Hangartfest may grant temporary use of the theater to third parties such as: associations, institutions, bodies, committees, cooperatives and private parties interested in promoting cultural, artistic, institutional or educational initiatives.


The concession of the Theater is subject to the planning needs of the activities promoted by the Hangartfest Association and its partners. Therefore Hangartfest at its sole discretion will be able to accept or reject the requests it receives .


The use and temporary concession to third parties of the Maddalena Theater are governed by the REGULATION FOR THE TEMPORARY CONCESSION OF THE MADDALENA THEATER to which this text refers.


The concession is subject to the acceptance of the aforementioned Regulation and the ANTI COVID-19 RULES for health safety, to which all the people who use the structure (spectators, artists and operators) are subject.

All requests for concessions from the Maddalena Theater must be addressed exclusively to Hangartfest using the appropriate electronic form: link to the FORM


The concession in use is subject to the payment of a fee for the management of the theater (maintenance, cleaning, sanitation, custody service, seats, room assistance service), which varies according to the time of use and use or not of the facilities provided, equipment and technical staff.



Resident choreographers

Three-year period 2018-2020

Artistic residences in TE.MA

Essere Creativo

Futura Scena

Young choreographers

Young Up!

Audience development


Occhi da Marziani

Tratti in Movimento

Film Dance Review

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