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Faustino Blanchut



Hangartfest and AMAT inform that the hospitality and artistic residence project intended for independent choreographers ESSERE CREATIVO has been postponed to a date to be defined.



Hospitality and artistic residence project

ESSERE CREATIVO (the Creative Being), promoted by Hangartfest and AMAT , intends to promote the study, research and choreographic production with the aim of supporting new works that arise from the observation, investigation and analysis of the society in which we live and to present them to the Hangartfest audience, contemporary dance festival.


Independent choreographers who have gained experience in professional contexts can apply.


Choreographers and interpreters must be over 18 years of age . Single choreographers and groups can participate.


Works that have not yet been presented (première) , or that are not expected to debut before the date of residence, are admitted.


At the choice of the candidates, the selected works can be presented, at the end of the residency, either in final form or in the form of work-in-progress, in the context of the festival.


The residences take place at the MADDALENA THEATER or at the ANNUNZIATA CHURCH (chosen by the Commission). The works must take into account the dimensions of the stage spaces and their technical specifications. Candidates must also take into due consideration the structural characteristics of the guest spaces, and therefore their architectural constraints. During the residency the artists will have at their disposal a technical assistant (no light provider).


Each candidate can submit only one project .


The works must have a minimum duration of 30 minutes .


The participation of the project in other residences, prizes, competitions or showcases does not preclude the possibility of participating in this Call.


Foreign artists have to provide the Social Security Certificate (European Model A1).


A total amount of € 1,000 will be paid to the artist.




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