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After two days of video review during which the Hangartfest audience was able to view the 30 videos in competition that had been selected by the Festival, the Jury of spectators chose the 10 finalist titles and awarded the Interfaccia Digitale Award to the μετά work by Rossana Abritta Link to the video (project created for / and published in the context OPERA DOMUS 7I Dee + by Carlo Marchetti and Artisti in Transito).

The final with the award ceremony took place on 20 September 2020 at the Maddalena Theater in Pesaro, in the presence of an attentive and passionate audience of the genre. Several authors were connected via zoom and also intervened at the end of the evening.

This is the motivation of the Jury for μετά:

Movement and its representation find a perfect balance in this video. Each image has its place and purpose, almost necessary in the general context. A very dense black and white in the photograph, which underlines the living being of every part of the body through breaths, gestures, repetitions, and the geometries that dance proposes but at the same time distorting them, just as the time itself of some scenes is distorted . Directional care and technicality refer to real physical sensations in a video that seems to breathe together with the Dancer.

The Festival awards Rossana Abritta, who trained at the National Dance Academy in Rome and perfected in Berlin, a scholarship worth € 1,500 to spend on a new video production to be made in Pesaro over the next few months.

But the evening reserved two other surprises: the attribution of two special mentions, one to the Argentine Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo for his RAB express work and the other to Nyko Piscopo for his Threesome work.

This is the motivation of the Jury for Threesome:

A simple, modern and genuine irony. A strong expressiveness of the protagonists underlined by the cinematographic technique of "Stop Motion", the subdivision of the single frames. A reference to a classic work, reinterpreted in a context that winks at many modern imaginaries, leaving a pleasant smile to the viewer.

The motivation for RAB express:

A constant dehumanization in a context of general degradation. The ever more pressing repetition of the dancer and the music transmit the loss of personality to which the modern world can lead, replacing one's being unique with the frenzy of routine, in an assembly line that has an "industrial" aspect in the location as well as in some images. Each shot is perfectly balanced between the focus of the video and the games of perspective, a well thought-out direction in every part of the work that uses to its advantage being abstract also to refer to a calibrated final irony.

The consent from the artists and spectators means the success of the initiative, commissioned by the two curators Gloria De Angeli and Antonio Cioffi. Surely a way of opening the Festival to a wider range of artists and creatives who also work in video dance.

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