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After two days of review during which the public was able to watch the projection of the 30 videos selected by the Festival management, the jury, made up of a group of attentive and passionate spectators, chose the 10 works that access the final of the Interfaccia Digitale Award.

The choice was made through the assignment of preferences that took into account the criteria set out in the announcement (interaction between the languages ​​of dance and video, direction, concept, filming), as well as a final meeting attended by members of the audience. of the jury, together with the direction of the Festival.

Tonight, at 9.00 pm, at the Maddalena Theater, the screening of the finalist works and the announcement of the winner of the Prize.

We are therefore pleased to announce the 10 titles that access the final of the Prize:

HO.ME by Carolina Bergonzoni (Italy-Canada)

μετά by Rossana Abritta (Italy)

THREESOME by Nyko Piscopo (Italy)

42°N - 13°E by Maria Elena Curzi, Eleonora Galante, Marco Lattuchelli (Italy)

TERRA MIA by Vanessa Nacci (Italy)

PIANO SEQUENZA by Davide Calvaresi (Italy)

CHAIR PUBLIQUE by Laura Simonet (France-Italy)

GROWTH by Helen Cerina (Italy)

RAB EXPRESS by Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo (Argentina-Italy)

ZABA by Vera Kvarcakova, Jeremy Galdeano (Czech Rep.-Germany, France-Canada)

We congratulate the finalist candidates.


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