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Greetings from Elda Maria Gallo (from the sea, indeed from the ocean of Vienna)...

This time the postcard comes to us from Elda Maria Gallo, born in Pesaro, trained and graduated in contemporary dance in Salzburg, now living in Vienna, where she works as a dancer and choreographer. Elda has been a guest of Hangartfest several times in the past years. Her last appearance was in 2018 at the Maddalena Theater, in Accalia a show by the Swiss choreographer Sebastian Zuber, a show much appreciated by the Festival audience.

After months off due to Covid, last week, here in Vienna, where I live most of the time, I am finally back on stage with my children's show Ocean. The show actively involves the public, who, in some moments, are invited to go on stage and dance with us "in our sea". Contrary to what I expected, I was pleased to note that, obviously in compliance with the regulations, the public of young and old was not at all fearful in interacting with us, on the contrary we all have (both the public and us performers but also the technicians and production) felt the happiness and the desire to meet again in the magic of the theater.
They seem like words of circumstance but we really felt a whirlwind of emotions.
After this long "Coviddian" break, I am therefore really happy to be able to return to my dance routine. Although, working as a free lancer, it actually has very little of a real routine. I rather jump from one thing to another.
At the moment I'm rehearsing for the reruns of various shows (some for an adult audience, others for children), which see me as an interpreter and which will be presented within a Viennese side-specific summer cultural festival.


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