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Greetings from Marco Cantalupo, Cie Linga

We have received this postcard from Marco Cantalupo, director, together with Katarzyna Gdaniec, of the Compagnie LINGA, based at the Octogone Theater in Lausanne, Switzerland. We had the pleasure of hosting the company at Hangartfest in 2019 when they presented Solographies. We thank Marco, who in this postcard testifies to the rediscovered beauty, of artists and spectators, of finally returning to the theater, in this case for the premiere of Cosmos, the new show staged in April 2021.

We believed in it, against all logic, and in the end, almost miraculously, after 3 months of passionate work without thinking about how, when and why, we staged our premiere. And what's more, in front of an audience - certainly masked and limited to 50 people - in flesh and blood. And in tears of pleasure for being able to return to the theater and vibrate with that feeling that only living art can give, and that dance sublimates, crossing all the senses and pores of the skin.
COSMOS, our latest production in collaboration with the musical duo l'Ombre de la bête and presented on 24 and 25 April at the Octogone theater in Lausanne, thus ended up being the first production of the - we hope - definitive reopening of the Swiss scene. Inspired by celestial mechanics and the eternal movement of the stars, this project for 8 dancers has translated, in movement, into the conjunction of trajectories and geometries, into new scenic orbits.
And in the current situation in a symbol of renewed, and cyclical, principle.
Marco Cantalupo

(photo by Gregory Batardon)


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