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Interfaccia Digitale Award 2021, soon the release of the new call

The new call for the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2021 will be released shortly.

The Prize pursues the following purposes:

  • to favor the diffusion of contemporary artistic languages;

  • to encourage creativity through the use of digital media;

  • to create the conditions for cultural growth based on interdisciplinary artistic exchanges.

Specific objectives are:

  • to support the production of new video dance works;

  • to promote the use of contemporary expressive languages ​​conveyed through video and cinematographic techniques;

  • to attract artists from different fields such as the performing arts, the visual arts, the plastic arts and facilitate the interaction between multidisciplinary artistic languages.

To this end, two complementary lines of action are envisaged:

  • sharing in the production costs of new works;

  • the provision of structures and skills.

Recipients of the Prize are choreographers, performers, visual artists and video makers of any nationality, who are 18 years old on 30 October 2021.

Do not miss the release of the new call. Stay tuned!

(in the photo: RAB Express by Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo, special mention Interfaccia Digitale Award 2020)


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