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The International Dance Day from the Bramante Theater in Urbania and the Maddalena Theater in Pesaro

April 29th | The Dance Day is an event organized by the Indipendance cultural association of Fermignano on the occasion of the International Dance Day established in 1982 for the International Dance Committee - CID of the International Theater Institute (ITI-UNESCO).The project is supported by the Marche Region - Cultural Heritage and Activities Department and carried out in collaboration with AMAT and Hangartfest, with the patronage of the Municipality of Urbania and the Municipality of Peglio.

The project - of which five editions have already been carried out from 2016 to 2020 - stands out for its attention to contemporary dance languages ​​and, through different programmatic lines, every year renews the desire to bring dance closer to people and more and more people close to dance. Born as a project conceived for the municipality of Fermignano (PU), over the course of the editions it has come to involve the entire area of ​​the Alta Valle del Metauro and has created new collaborations with the Pesaro realities by increasing the number of events and days of programming that revolve around the symbol date of 29 April.

Even in a period of great difficulty such as the one we are experiencing, on the basis of precise guidelines that are addressed jointly to spectators, artists, the community and the territory, the VI edition of April 29 comes to life | Dance Day_ 2021. An edition forced to overturn the usual ways of participating and sharing the evocative spaces carefully chosen over the years, but which maintains the principle of encouraging the encounter with dance.

Among the various proposals of this year's rich program, we point out the performances:

  • Between sacred and profane, dance show and live music, organized in collaboration with AMAT, with an artistic cast from the Marche region. The choreographic concept is by Roberto Lori from Macerata who on the unmistakable sound of the bandoneon of the master stop Daniele di Bonaventura, together with the dancers Gloria De Angeli, Debora Falconi, Lisa Massani, Irene Saltarelli, Eleonora Violini, from the Bramante Theater of Urbania will give life to a unique and suggestive dialogue. The show will be visible on YouTube on Thursday 29 April at 9 pm, access with a ticket that can be purchased on VIVATICKET.

  • Postcards from the body, performance in collaboration with AMAT and Hangartfest, live Zoom from the Maddalena Theater on Friday 30 April at 9 pm, with the performer, contemporary dance teacher and Lombard researcher Rosita Mariani. Ticket can be purchased on VIVATICKET.

For the INDIALOGO section - encounters between dance and other artistic languages, an in-depth study on videodance will be proposed through the stories of the three finalists of the last edition of the Interfaccia Digitale Award, a video dance competition created by Hangartfest at the last edition of the Festival.

The three artists will be interviewed by Daniele De Angelis, Doctor of Sciences and Technologies of the Arts and Entertainment, with the presence of Antonio Cioffi, artistic director of the Festival. The meeting will be broadcast on May 1 at 9 pm on the Facebook and YouTube channels of Indipendance.


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