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The juries of the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2021

Here are the names of the President of the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2021 and of the members of the three juries:

President of the Awardl 2021

  • Giulio Stasi, director of theater and performing arts, videomaker

Interdisciplinary Jury

  • Daniele De Angelis, choreographer, videomaker (President of the Jury)

  • Masako Matsushita, choreographer, performer

  • Paolo Paggi, curator, visual artist

  • Jonathan Pierini, graphic designer, director of ISIA Urbino

  • Stefano Salimbeni, videomaker, lecturer at the Laboratory of Audiovisual Languages ​​at the University of Urbino

  • Edoardo Serretti visual artist, photographer

Giuria dei Critici e Studiosi

  • Francesca Pedroni (President of the Jury) dance critic for il manifesto and the magazine Danza & Danza, director, filmmaker, professor of History of dance at the Teatro alla Scala Academy

  • Giovanni Artieri Boccia professor and Director of the Department of Communication Sciences, Humanities and International Studies at the University of Urbino

  • Carmelo Antonio Zapparrata journalist and dance critic for the magazines Danza & Danza and Hystrio

Audience Jury (limited places)

  • The Audience Jury, made up of passionate spectators, will be formed during the Festival. To be part of it write to


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