explorer 2.0 (2020 edition)

Audience awareness program

Zerocentimetri, cor. Marisa Ragazzo e Omid Ighani (2019). Ph Riccardo Cecchini

The EXPLORER project aims to accompany the viewer in the active use of the performing arts and, in particular, of contemporary dance, providing critical reading tools and favoring those processes that allow the gaze to go beyond the spectacular, to trace the motivations and the creative ways. The aim of the project is, therefore, to build aware spectators .


Over the course of five meetings, participants will deepen their knowledge and analysis of some elements that make up a dance show. Through the vision of the shows scheduled at Hangartfest, and in the subsequent comparison with the other spectators, they will be stimulated to exercise an active and conscious look, to enrich the experience with new and further meanings to favor a more complete understanding of the show.

The meetings are organized and held by Gloria De Angeli - doctor in Theater Disciplines, Danzaeducatrice® and president of the Independent Cultural Association - and coordinated by Claudia Riccardi.

All Explorer meetings will be held before the shows scheduled at Hangartfest and, barring unforeseen events, will take place at the Ludicanto Caffè over an aperitif . Admission to the meetings is free , while the aperitif is charged to the participants. Participation is reserved for holders of the HF 2020 CARD .

Explorer Appointment Calendar:

  • Tuesday 8 September / 7:30 pm / Teatro Maddalena

  • Saturday 12 September / 6:30 pm / Ludicanto Caffè

  • Friday 18 September / 7.30 pm / Ludicanto Caffè

  • Friday 2 October / 7:30 pm / Ludicanto Caffè

  • Sunday 11 October / 17:00 / Ludicanto Caffè


The Explorer project is intended for a limited number of spectators in order to ensure compliance with the necessary safety regulations.


For information call nr. 392 384 1677.





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