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Interfaccia Digitale

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Open Call


Artists, choreographers, performers and videomakers are invited to take this opportunity and participating to Interfaccia Digitale, a dance film review, which will be held in Pesaro on 18th September 2020, during the 17th edition of HANGARTFEST Contemporary Dance Festival.


The Festival is a container with an intimate vocation aimed at an audience of enthusiasts of dance and of the new languages of the contemporary scene, who are capable of giving life to an authentic context of sharing.


Objective and applicants


The objective of the invitation is to select original dance short films to be included at Interfaccia Digitale, an event which is part of the programme of HANGARTFEST.


Applicants are artists and video makers of any nationality, residing in Italy or abroad and over the age of 18 years old.


Interfaccia Digitale Award


The submitted applications, which comply to the terms and conditions of  this call, will be examined by the Artistic Director of the Festival which will make the selection by choosing, from among all the applications, a shortlist of 30 works that will be showcased at the dance film review Interfaccia Digitale. The Director, in its discretion, may decide to change the number of the selected works.


The selected works presented at Interfaccia Digitale will undergo the judgment of the audience of the Festival, who will intervene spontaneously as passionate non-expert spectators. They will be able to express their preferences and motives during a public meeting, which will take place at the end of the event in the presence of the Festival's Artistic Director.


The author of the work who obtains the most preferences will win the Interfaccia Digitale Award, consisting of a grant of € 1,500 (all inclusive) to be spent on the production of a new short dance film to be realized in the following months at Teatro Maddalena in Pesaro, during an artistic residency whose times and methods of realization will be agreed with the Festival.


The new dance film must include moments of interaction with the community of the historic city center. The created video will be presented as a guest work (out of competition) at the following Interfaccia Digitale in 2021.



How to participate, deadline and selection criteria


Participation is free by filling out and submitting the online Application form. 


Applications must be submitted no later than 10th September 2020.


All the selected works will be made public on 15th September 2020 with an announcement on this website, and the applicants will be notified via e-mail.


Each candidate may submit only one work in one of the following Sections:


Section Very Shorts: for films lasting over 1 minute to a maximum of 4 minutes.

Section Shorts: for films lasting more than 4 minutes to a maximum of 8 minutes.


Videos that do not respect these time lenghts will be excluded from the selection. The opening and closing credits will not be considered as part of the time lenghts mentioned above.


The selection criteria are: the originality of the work, the concept, the direction, the quality of the footage. At the center of the submitted works there must be dance in the broadest sense of the term.


Works must be original and created not earlier than August 2019.


Each application must include the link to the video with which one intends to participate to this call.  The candidate must grant permission to download the video so to facilitate its viewing. If password-protected, the candidate must provide the password to watch the video.


Candidates must declare they are the legitimate authors of the presented work and that they free Associazione Hangartfest from third party claims, also in the future.


The author must declare that the presented work is not subjected to any restrictions for reproduction. He must also authorise Associazione Hangartfest to distribute these works in any medium, without time limitation.


Final Notes


The Management's judgment is unquestionable and the candidate cannot make any claim regarding his possible exclusion. In no case will the Festival, its collaborators, nor the spectators who take part in the final selection for the winning candidate be required to justify their choices.


For any communication, the candidate can contact the Festival by writing interfacciadigitale@hangartfest.it 


Pesaro, 18th August 2020





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