Anti Covid19 standards - Prescriptions for the public

Spectators regulation at MADDALENA THEATER


General informations

• All spectators must wear a mask from the entrance until reaching the place and in any case whenever you leave it, including when you exit. For children the general rules apply.

• The use of the show is allowed only in seats, numbered and pre-assigned.

• The seats, the access routes, the internal routes and the exit routes, have been defined to ensure compliance with the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

• An exception to interpersonal distancing is envisaged for “joint” spectators for whom dedicated seats are provided and with specific access methods.

• Specific spaces and positions have been dedicated to people with motor disabilities and their carers, respecting social distancing.

• Before each show, the sanitation of the seats of the spectators and the cleaning and sanitation of areas, surfaces, passageways of all environments accessible to public use are foreseen.

• It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the Theater and there are also no outlets for drinks and food.

• The use of the lift is allowed only to one person at a time. An exception is foreseen for spectators who are "related" to each other and for people with motor disabilities and their companions.

• The staff of the hall will constantly ensure, during the entire period of public entry and until the start of the show, to supervise and check that the minimum safety conditions remain in the hall. In particular, they will be able to intervene on those present in the event of behavior such as:

  • failure to respect interpersonal distancing;

  • improper use of the surgical mask;

  • displacement from assigned seats.


Purchase Tickets

• The spectator, for the purchase of the joint ticket, must declare this condition at the time of purchase, in accordance with the "Clarifications issued by the Government" relating to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May 2020, or that by joint we mean "the spouses, the partners cohabitants, partners of civil unions, people who are linked by a stable emotional bond, as well as relatives up to the sixth degree (such as, for example, the children of cousins ​​among themselves) and relatives up to the fourth degree (such as, for example, the cousins ​​of the spouse) ”and accept, without any reservation, the purchase conditions and the behavioral measures adopted by the Hangartfest Association at the Maddalena Theater.

• At the time of purchase, it is necessary to read and accept the “Show Regulations” available at the LIVETICKET electronic ticket office and online on this site.


Entrance to the theater and positioning in the seat

• Before entering the theater, spectators are requested to sanitize their hands with the special product made available at the dispensing points at the entrance.

• Access to the Theater is organized in order to ensure compliance with social distancing, the use of individual protective devices, suitable and adequate health and hygiene conditions in accordance with the regulations in force and to ensure control of absolute compliance by spectators with all the measures adopted by the Hangartfest Association at the Maddalena Theater.

• The personnel assigned to security checks will ensure the quota of the public in order to avoid unwanted gatherings and maintain the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

• At the entrance there is a temperature control and it is forbidden to enter spectators with temperatures above 37.5 ° C.


Use of the toilets

• The use of the toilets is ensured to the public in case of need. The hall attendants are, on request, available to accompany the spectator to the toilets, maintaining an interpersonal distance of at least one meter and providing information and instructions on their use.


End of the show and exit from the theater

• At the end of the show, the public is required to avoid unwanted crowds and gatherings that do not respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

• The exit from the theater at the end of the show will be handled by the theater staff as follows:

  • first the public will be made to leave the sectors closest to the exits, always maintaining an interpersonal distance of at least one meter;

  • following the audience of the other sectors, row by row, until they are completely emptied.- a

• Spectators are also requested to adopt the following behavioral measures when leaving the Theater:

  • follow the instructions of the staff assigned to the hall or of the staff willing to assist the public along the exit routes;

  • avoid leaving clothes, bags, etc., in or near seating;

  • avoid behaviors that may cause difficulties, during the exit, the people who precede or follow in the paths that lead to the exit.





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