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Fly into the wind... the festival is ready to tackle the crossing


In seafaring, go upwind or go hauled allows to determine the wind by putting the boat in a position such as to give lift to the sails and, despite the fact that the wind is blowing against, the boat manages to go forward. Also in aeronautics the principle is similar: the airplane, thanks to the lift of the wings, exploits the opposite force of the wind to take off.

When you go into the wind you sweat double and it takes determination to reach the goal. But you know that the effort helps to shape the character. For this, one remains anchored to what he believes - the fundamentals - as shipwrecked clinging to a rock or to the mainmast and pursue the ideals that, in general, translated in arid things as numbers can be, are anything but wise and prudent projections, but rather islands of salvation, or better islands that do not exist, if not in the imagination.

The title “Fly into the wind” wants, on one hand, to underline the difficulty to go forward in promoting art and culture, in a moment in which there seems to be an unhealthy stagnation on the social and cultural level, where it tends to travel over the roads more obvious, often only in search of a consensus. On the other hand, it is a declaration of intent from Hangartfest that prepares, once again, to tackle the crossing, the thirteenth, following its route with firm belief, knowing that only going upwind can one raise in flight!

(photo: Frey Faust, ph by Ch. Lapp)

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