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The performing arts and live entertainment would lose value without the presence of spectators in the theaters. Therefore, our commitment as promoters and organizers of the Festival acquires full meaning when the show is intended for the audience.

And Over Again, cor. Lior Tavori (Hangartfest 2019). Ph Camilla De Filippis

In this phase of health and economic emergency that is upsetting our lives, we want to remain confident and continue to think that although health is always at the top of the priority scale, the need for social sharing and the demand for culture (as an expression of a collective identity in which to recognize oneself and / or to satisfy an individual, intellectual or spiritual need) are equally inalienable and indispensable values.

We hope that the Authorities will be able to tell us soon what the terms and conditions will be for the reopening of the theaters and for the relaunch of the live entertainment sector to support all the operators, whether they are artists, technicians, intermittent or belonging to those professional figures who are part of the sector chain.

In the meantime, we are working on the next edition of Hangartfest, in order to be ready for the reopening.

The program is already defined, like the dates, scheduled from 1 September to 4 October 2020, but we are also evaluating any postponements.

We know that the conditions of access for the audience to the Magdalene Church will have to be reviewed to ensure maximum safety for spectators. And we also know that some artists from abroad may have problems reaching Italy.

We will see, we will face everything at the right time and we will keep our audience updated on the evolution of the situation.

And Over Again, cor. Lior Tavori (Hangartfest 2019). Ph Riccardo Cecchini


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