Artist: Jordan Deschamps

Title: Night / Day

selected work for Essere Creativo 2015



Artistic note


Night/Day is a piece based on a memory from my childhood.


I was inspired by the Japanese manga cartoon “Cat's Eyes“ that I used to watch after school. It tells the story of 3 sisters who, during the day work in a familly restaurant, but  during the night, wear costumes and skate through the city. They spend their nights robbing the museums of pieces of art that had belonged to their disapeared father, in order to find him back. 

I worked by confronting my memories with my choreographic current desires.


Initially choreographed as a trio for 3 female dancers, it became as an evidence a quartet for 3 dancers and a story teller. I really have the aim to tell story through dance and because of my theatre background, I like to contextualise my pieces and to play with text and pure theatre element. 

This piece has been lituraly built as a story using the litterature codes (prologue, initial situation, actions and epilogue).


Night/Day is a very  fresh and visual piece where the audience can refer to comic elements as the bubbles drawn on the floor and their use, popular images and clichés, asian references, as well as pure contemporary skills. This piece plays with moods, energies, feelings and surprises. 

The humour sense if extremely present in the piece and will bring you a couple of years ago back to your childhood when you enjoyed with the biggest simplicity to be entertained. 



Choreographer's bio


I started dance very young (at 4 for years old) and followed children classes in my village. From 14 to 19, I danced latine and ballroom dances in competition. I won 3 years in a raw the French championship in my category. In this period I also took singing classes and perform in some concerts.


In 2009, after starting ballet and theater in parallel of my psychology studies. In this year I had my first professional experience in a project called NOUT which we performed a couple of times in Bordeaux. Then I decided to dedicate myself to theater and performances and I joined after auditions a Theater Conservatory in Paris in 2010.  There I discovered contemporary dance thanks to some dance classes for actors. Encouraged by my dance teacher I decided after 1 year and a half of intensive theater education, to try auditions to integrate a contemporary dance school.


In 2012, I passed SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of  Dance) audition in Salzburg, Austria where I started my education in September 2012. 

It is a school where we have daily contemporary ballet and yoga classes in the morning and creations, improvisation, partnering, choreography, composition, theory, etc...

I had there the opportunity to work with some of the most important contemporary dancers or choreographer as Moya Michael (Rosas), Ryan Mason (Kassel Stattteater), Martin Kilvaldy (Les Slovaks), Paul Blakman (Jasmine Vardimon), Konstandina Efthymiadou (Akram Khan), Jozef Frusek (Ultima Vez),among others.


I am currently in 3rd year and I follow Choreography Major program reserved each year to 2 students. 


Since I am in SEAD, I premiered 5 pieces, I directed a dance video now being edited and I am currently working on 2 new projects in a longer format (around 30 min each).

I also participated in the creation of 12 dance performances as a dancer.




Azioni specifiche

Essere Creativo

Young Up!

Promozione del pubblico e Sensibilizzazione


Associazione Hangartfest, Via Ponchielli 87, Pesaro, Marche, Italy

CF & Partita Iva 02458750417