Solographies, Cie Linga (Hangartfest 2019). Ph. Umberto Dolcini

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We intend increasingly promoting dance in the area in which we operate and addressing spectators who are passionate about performing arts, contemporary dance and eager to share with us the intense, fascinating and even fun experience of the Festival , as a moment of meeting and socialization , of enrichment of the person through the vision of shows and performances, the meeting with artists from all over the world.


So here is the invitation to become Hangartfest Friends   and to participate in the associative life of the Association. You can learn more by reading the extract of our Statute .


Becoming a Friend Member is easy, just fill in the membership form and pay the membership fee of € 10. With the payment of the fee you receive the AMICO SOCIAL CARD (nominative) and you can access a series of exclusive benefits. The Card must be renewed from year to year by paying the membership fee, which is a way to support the Association's activities. To renew the card it is not necessary to fill in the membership form, just pay the membership fee following the instructions below.


Below is the list of exclusive benefits offered by the 2020 CARD (valid until 30.06.2021). The list is being updated:


  • Reduced price admission to the Festival shows and other managed events, such as workshops / masterclasses and other events.

  • Right to sector reductions (where provided) to the shows of the Dance Season managed by the AMAT.

  • Participation in group trips to attend performances at festivals and theaters in other cities.

  • Participation in social events reserved for Members (assemblies, convivial moments, etc.).

  • Discounts on HANGARTFEST T-shirts and gadgets (based on availability at the moment and while stocks last).


The CARD is personal and must be shown every time to enjoy the benefits listed above.


For more information contact us by email at



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