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AUDIENCE awareness program

Ph Umberto Dolcini

THIS IS NOT STAR TREK is a project that aims to bring viewers closer to the intermediate language of videodance . The path, which includes the viewing of some video works scheduled at Hangartfest - VIDEO BOX section - will culminate in the participation of the members of the Audience Jury of the Interfaccia Digitale Award . Through the comparison with colleagues of the other Juries and with the President of the Award, the participants will be able to activate their critical gaze in order to decree the 10 finalist videos.

The ultimate goal of the project is to build a community of active and aware spectators.


Subscribers undertake to participate in 3 evenings of their choice in the VIDEO BOX section ( see Festival 2021 program ) and to take an active part in the meetings of the Jury of Spectators of the Interfaccia Digitale Award.


The members of the Jury will have the opportunity to view the works in competition on 25, 26 and 27 October , with the possibility of concentrating the vision of the works in a single day or of distributing it over several days.


All members will then be required to participate in the closed-door meeting on Thursday 28 October , 21:00, in order to select the 10 finalist works of the Prize. Finally, on Saturday 30 October , at 21:00, they will participate in the Award ceremony in the presence of the public and the authors of the films.

THIS IS NOT STAR TREK is intended for a limited number of spectators to ensure the distance and compliance with all safety regulations for theaters and for the entertainment sector.


Participation in the project is free and reserved for holders of the FRIENDSHIP CARD HF 2021 .


To register for the project, you need to fill out the form


The project is coordinated by Gloria De Angeli and Claudia Riccardi. For information: 392 384 1677



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