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youth awareness project

Image created by the students of ISIA Urbino

TRATTI IN MOVIMENTO (Traits in Motion) is a public awareness project conceived by Hangartfest and implemented in collaboration with ISIA Urbino , AMAT and Proartis .


The project, which was one of the winners of the REFRESH! The show of the Marche for the New Generations by the CMS Consorzio Marche Spettacolo, involves the students of the ISIA of Urbino - Publishing, Illustration and three-year courses - with the aim of bringing them closer to theater and deepening the world of contemporary dance, encouraging them to consider the performing arts as a perpetual source of inspiration.

The project combines the viewing of live and online shows with various in-depth meetings on the subject by dance experts. The suggestions, the images, the sensations captured by the students while watching the shows will be elaborated by them and returned in the form of illustrations, of moving features. The illustrations produced will be exhibited in an exhibition, curated by the students together with the catalog of the same, which will be hosted in the spaces of the ISIA in Urbino in December 2020.


Participants are followed by Gloria De Angeli, doctor in Theatrical Disciplines and Danzaeducatrice®, and by the coordinator Claudia Riccardi.



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