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Marta Bevilacqua


resident choreographer 2018-2020

For the three-year period 2018-2020, the Festival has chosen the choreographer Marta Bevilacqua (co-director of the Arearea Company ) as the resident choreographer.


The shows co-produced are: Concetti sfumati ai bordi, premiered at Hangartfest on 7 September 2018, Il Rovescio, premiered at Hangartfest on 4 October 2019 and Homing premiered in Pesaro on 2 October 2020.


The results of the co-production period 2018-2020 are collected and published in the book The Choreographic Novel (Ephemeria 2022) with photos and writings by Marta Bevilacqua, Antonio Cioffi and Silvia Poletti.


Dancer and choreographer, she has been collaborating with the Arearea Company since 1998. She trained at the Isola Danza Academy in Venice directed by Carolyn Carlson (2001). Her choreographic feature is characterized by the combination of gestural research and thematic needs. Her creations feed on philosophical references expressed in a contemporary and authorial key.


Among her most awarded choreographies Nec Nec (Anticorpi Explò), Organon_sull'ingombranza del pensiero (Equilibrium Award), Innesti_Il Corpo tecnico , Ruedis_ruote di confine . Ductility and fascination with risk make her involved in educational and social projects that sink into everyday reality.


She is a teacher of contemporary dance in advanced training centers such as the Academy of Dramatic Art "Nico Pepe" in Udine, the Academy of Diversity of Bolzano, the Studio of Udine. She is tutor of the Performance section of the Master in Communications and Non-Verbal Languages ​​- Cà Foscari University of Venice. She works with passion in the double dimension of theater and urban dance.


She danced as an interpreter with research companies such as Adarte, Aldes, Balletto Civile, Ersilia Danza, Naturalis Labor, TPO, CSS Friuli Venezia Giulia's permanent innovation theater, Versilia Danza . She has been involved in the following international projects: Common Places (Lieux Publics) with the performance Dafne_per una mitologia urbana (2011), the project "Writing site by site" in Graz, for the international platform IN-SITU, for which she created Panta Rei_per una filosofia urbana (2012), co-produced by the Reggia della Venaria Reale (Turin) and her project Oltre La Luna (2012), was produced by Dance Channels, a European platform for supporting new choreographers between Saragoza, Manchester and Genoa .


Her latest productions include: Schnurrbart_Fritz according to Lou, Play With Me, The Four Seasons . Urban version and The Four Seasons _From Summer to Autum (selected for Nid Platform 2017). Her works co-produced by Hangartfest: Concepts blurred at the edges (2018) Il Rovescio (2019) and Homing (2020).


She collaborates with Ricci / Forte as company coach for La Ramificazione del Pidocchio (2016) and signs the stage movements of the opera Turandot for Macerata Opera Festival.

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