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HANGARTFEST is a non-profit cultural Association that aims to promote contemporary dance as a language and field of research and experimentation .


The Association, member of the CMS Consorzio Marche Spettacolo, is engaged in various projects, in particular in the realization of HANGARTFEST, a contemporary dance festival that addresses the new generations of independent choreographers and performers with the aim of giving them visibility and promoting new languages ​​of the scene.


Since 2018 HANGARTFEST is recognized and supported by the MIBAC Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (Art.29 Festival), the Marche Region and the Municipality of Pesaro . In the same year, the Festival was awarded the recognition of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage promoted by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. From the same year HANGARTFEST is included in the Art Bonus , which is a national patronage project in favor of the arts.


The Festival is promoted by Atelier Danza Hangart and Proartis , with the participation of AMAT . The first edition of HANGARTFEST dates back to 2004. Today the Festival takes place in September-October of each year and is composed of several activities:


  • LIVE SHOWS are the main activity of the Festival dedicated to the presentation of artists and guest companies from all over the world. The shows take place both in theaters and in unconventional urban places. In recent years, the Festival takes place mainly in the suggestive setting of the Church of the Maddalena, transformed into a theatrical space equipped and functional for dance.

  • CO-PRODUCTIONS. The Festival is engaged in three-year co-production projects in support of Italian contemporary dance. The commitment includes the participation as co-producer of a new work commissioned to a choreographer, who for three years debuts at the Festival. The guest choreographer for 2018-2020 period is Marta Bevilacqua (Arearea Company).


  • ESSERE CREATIVO (CREATIVE BEING) is a hospitality and artistic residency project promoted in collaboration with AMAT, with the aim of facilitating the creative process of independent choreographers. The call is spread every year in Italy and in Europe. The artists (individuals or groups) are welcomed to the Maddalena Church and to the Annunziata Church.


  • EXPLORER is a spectator awareness program . Qualified tutors accompany groups of spectators in the active use of the performing arts, providing critical reading tools and favoring those processes that allow the gaze to go beyond the spectacle, to trace the motivations and creative modalities of the performances on stage. The goal of the project is to build a conscious audience. The EXPLORER program takes place intensively during the festival, through meetings with the artists, attending their rehearsals and creation phases during the residences, but also during the rest of the year, based on the proposals that are offered by the theater seasons .


  • MARTIAN EYES is a program for passionate spectators who are not professionals, which develops over a three-year course of study and monitoring parallel to the creative path of the guest artist. The participants in the program are willing to follow the guest artist during the three years of co-production, to share the experience of viewing and collective analysis of the show. The project is curated by the critic Silvia Poletti who, for the three-year period 2018-2020, supports the Martians in the vision and analysis of the debuts proposed by the choreographer Marta Bevilacqua (Arearea Company). The alien vision of the spectators, pure and direct, free from conditionings, is what fills the program itself with meaning and which most interests the Festival. The path taken by the spectators is essentially a way of deepening their knowledge of the creative process and the staging of the shows and, at the same time, it is a testimony that becomes a monitoring of the artist's creative path. The result will be collected in a document at the end of the three-year period.

  • The MEETINGS WITH THE ARTIST are part of the many audience awareness actions that the Festival organizes. They take place after the shows and are moments in which the spectators can meet and get to know the protagonists of the show, listen to them and ask them questions. The meetings are curated by dance critics Silvia Poletti and Carmelo Antonio Zapparrata .


  • YOUNG UP ! is a creative platform intended for "aspiring choreographers" under 25 willing to get involved and experiment with their creativity in contemporary dance. The aim is to encourage the artistic and cultural growth of young people in the practice of choreography, encouraging them to try their hand at the creative aspects of dance, to express on stage concepts and feelings that would otherwise remain unexpressed, presenting structured works in a protected and professional context.



With The Art of Improvisation, the Festival participates, in 2013 and 2014, in the REFRESH! The show of the Marche for the New Generations, by the CMS Consorzio Marche Spettacolo, together with Proartis, Teatro Aenigma and Associazione Nuovo Cinema Italia.


In 2013 HANGARTFEST is the promoter and co-founder of the network Ortopolis_arti in rete which manages the space of the Church of the Maddalena in Pesaro.


In 2014 the Festival collaborated with the LEMS Electronic Music Laboratory directed by Eugenio Giordani of the Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro and with the No Man's Island festival in Macerata.


In 2014, 2016 and 2017 the event gets the support of the Marche Region with the YOUNG UP! The regional recognition - still active - is renewed in 2018 with the entry of HANGARTFEST into the FUS Unique Entertainment Fund established by MIBAC.


In 2019 the Festival wins again the participation in the REFRESH call! The Spectacle of the Marche for the new generations, promoted by the CMS Consorzio Marche Spettacolo, with two projects to be carried out during 2020: Traits in movement , which involves the students of the ISIA Urbino (Higher Institute for the Artistic Industries) in collaboration with AMAT and Future scene , residence and production project that the festival dedicates to Ottavia Catenacci, a young choreographer from the Marche region active in Copenhagen.


Over the years HANGARTFEST has collaborated with other festivals and foreign subjects such as: Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (London, 2014), Sanafest (Norway, 2015), Highs & Lows Festival (Amsterdam, 2015), Caressez le potager (Marseille , 2015), Joint Adventures (Munich, 2017, 2018), 33. Choreographic (Hannover, 2019).


HANGARTFEST welcomes trainees, undergraduates and young students in the school-work alternation mode, thanks to the active agreements with the University of Carlo Bo in Urbino (since 2014), the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice (since 2018), the Liceo Classico Linguistico T. Mamiani of Pesaro (from 2019) and ISTAO Istituto Adriano Olivetti of Ancona (2019).


In 2019 HANGARTFEST is included in the Israeli Dance Circuit in Italy promoted by the Cultural Office of the Israel Embassy in Rome.




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