Transports Exceptionnels, Cie Beau Geste (Hangartfest 2019), Ph F. Zidda

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If you are a company or a commercial activity, you can promote your business by becoming sponsor of the Festival.


The communication of the Festival, conceived by our graphic designers, makes use of different tools, such as brochures with the program of shows, wall posters for billboards, banners, banners and panels. Therefore there are different possibilities for intervention and insertion of the company brand, as well as the transmission of promotional and advertising messages. There are also many benefits offered, in addition to the insertion of the company logo, such as free admissions to the first of the shows, reduced admissions for the company staff, interventions at the speakers' table during press conferences, mention of the brand in the press releases printing, possibility to offer gadgets, to distribute promotional materials (flyers, leaflets, etc.). Finally, a wide range of possibilities is offered to the company to appear on the Festival website, on dedicated pages, on show pages, etc.


In the presence of a Sponsor, the communication plan can be customized and prepared in agreement with the Sponsor himself.


More information can be requested from Dr. Elena Orazi, email:



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